I am finishing up my junior year in college and I am not even exactly sure what I want to do with my career. My degree is in Communications with a concentration in Sports Information, so I would like to do something in the field of sports, but it is where or what part I would want to work in.

The reason I picked this concentration was because I love everything about sports. The behind the scenes part of sports is what has really interested and intrigued me in the past year. If I could do something like that in sports or something along the lines of that, I think that would be my ideal job.

I am lucky that my school, Mansfield University, has this concentration and that there is a Sports Information Department. The Sports Information Department does so much for our athletics, it is incredible to see what they create and write. Next year, I am hoping to gain experience with our Sports Info Department so I can gain experience for the future. In the Sports Information Department you do everything from writing articles for games to doing the live stats at games, to taking pictures of players, fans and the game itself.

To secure a job in this field, I believe you just need the experience. Doing live stats at football games, baseball games and softball games will help me if I do it in the future. Gaining experience from the people who know how to do their job well, like the Sports Information Department here at Mansfield, will be a huge help for me when I want to find a job in this field.

hand hold microphone for  interview during a football mach

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