Anyone today can post anything on social media they want. They might think it is appropriate to them, but at times it is not appropriate to other viewers. I think there are definitely do’s and don’ts when it comes to posting on social media.

For me, I am always considerate about posting pictures when I go out with my friends because I know not everyone will want to see what I am doing. There are certain things I post on certain social media because I feel like there are certain people on that network that you want to see your posts and then there are the people you might not want to see you posts. For instance, I do not post a lot on Facebook because I have a Twitter and Instagram. If I find an article or have a nice picture of me and my friends then I will post it there, but I do not like sharing all my information on there. I like to post things on Twitter more than anything and Instagram is where I always post most of my pictures.

There are always going to be those people who post something every hour or everyday on social media and sometimes I think that’s okay, but there is always a limit. Is it really necessary to post something irrelevant that no one cares about? If you post things that people are going to be engaged in seeing then I think that’s fine, but not to the point where it is an overload.

Some people think posting curse words and drinking pictures on their social media is a good idea, but I am always careful about that because I know if you are trying to find a job anywhere, the chances of them looking you up on social media is highly likely. The older I got, the stuff I posted on social media became less and less because I just didn’t like posting something everyday, or I just don’t have anything I want to post. Also, I don’t post a lot of things because I know any one can get a hold of my accounts and I want them to think I am respectful on social media.