Do you hate it when you can see a bright light in the movie theater? You’re enjoying the movie, and then all of a sudden you see the person in front of you whip out their phone with their bright light. Odds are, they probably received a text message.

I find it very annoying if someone is texting in a movie theater because I think it is rude for the people around that person who have to see it. Whenever someone takes their phone out of their jacket or pocket, you are immediately attracted to their bright light in the dark movie theater. It is inconsiderate because it distracts the people around you.

It has been a while since I have been to the movies, but the movie theaters are usually good about projecting a, “please refrain from using your cell phone,” sign on the screen. I don’t think that movie theaters should ‘ban’ texting because that seems a little outrageous, but I think projecting the sign before the movie is a good reminder to keep your phones on silent and away. It should be a “common courtesy” though, for people to not take out their phones during a movie and text.

If people think it is a good idea to have their phone out the whole time during a movie then they should just leave. I can see it being okay if a person took out their phone once during the movie to check it, but being on it the whole movie and taking it out once for a few seconds are two completely different scenarios. People go to the movie theaters because they want to enjoy a new movie they have never watched before. They do not want to watch the person in front of them texting their boyfriend or girlfriend whole movie.