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Selfies are definitely a part of our generation now. It is crazy to think that before a couple of years ago, we had never heard of the word ‘selfie,’ and now it is a common used word used by almost everyone who owns a phone or camera. It is not just the younger generation that is about taking selfies, though. Adults now are even saying “lets take a selfie”.

I am not the biggest person on taking selfies by myself, but I do like to take them with other people. When and if I take a selfie, I kind of feel weird like people are judging me because I’m taking a picture by myself and someone I don’t see could be watching me awkwardly smiling at my camera. I do like taking selfies with a filter on them, especially on Snapchat because those are usually just being sent to certain people and are not for everyone to see. I like taking selfies with other people, though because you aren’t the only one in the picture. You have your friends or family with you so it’s a group selfie rather than a selfie by yourself. Those who take a lot of selfies of themself I feel have confidence and feel good about themself because no one really wants to put a selfie up if they look like they just woke up from a nap. People like to post selfies when they look good. People who put selfie after selfie up on Instagram I think are annoying, though. No offense, but is it necessary to post a selfie of yourself on social media every single day? Sometimes I think those people can be conceded in themselves.

Reading the MediaPost article, I did agree on how it said, “men who take a lot of selfies were more likely to display traits linked to narcissism.” I think that is not just for men though, but for women too. If you think you look good, the probability of you taking a selfie by yourself is probably high more likely.

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My Ideal Job

I am finishing up my junior year in college and I am not even exactly sure what I want to do with my career. My degree is in Communications with a concentration in Sports Information, so I would like to do something in the field of sports, but it is where or what part I would want to work in.

The reason I picked this concentration was because I love everything about sports. The behind the scenes part of sports is what has really interested and intrigued me in the past year. If I could do something like that in sports or something along the lines of that, I think that would be my ideal job.

I am lucky that my school, Mansfield University, has this concentration and that there is a Sports Information Department. The Sports Information Department does so much for our athletics, it is incredible to see what they create and write. Next year, I am hoping to gain experience with our Sports Info Department so I can gain experience for the future. In the Sports Information Department you do everything from writing articles for games to doing the live stats at games, to taking pictures of players, fans and the game itself.

To secure a job in this field, I believe you just need the experience. Doing live stats at football games, baseball games and softball games will help me if I do it in the future. Gaining experience from the people who know how to do their job well, like the Sports Information Department here at Mansfield, will be a huge help for me when I want to find a job in this field.

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Do you use Pinterest?

Pinterest. A place where you can “pin” things you like. I do not have a Pinterest myself, so I am not all too familiar with the site. I do like how it is different from other social media sites. You are not just posting or sharing something but pinning something! It is a neat way to keep the things you like on your board.

I do believe Pinterest is directed more toward women because I know women who like to look things up on the site like recipes and hairstyles. I never heard of a man talking about pinning things or looking things up on Pinterest. The article, MediaPost talks about how Pinterest should expand their site to male users to make more money from advertising. I do not think that male users want to use Pinterest because it is a scrapbooking platform which is usually a female thing to do. Men have that stereotype trait of doing “guy-stuff,” and scrapbooking is not one of them.

They do have gentleman sites on Pinterest, which I was not familiar with either. Dudepins was the only Pinterest site that I thought was appealing because it seemed more directed toward a guy with pictures of cars and females. Manteresting and Gentlemint were two other sites that I looked at, and I didn’t find them as appealing. They seemed boring and made me not want to look at the rest of the pictures. I am a girl and these are sites for guys on Pinterest, so I could be biased when talking about these.

I don’t think any of my guy friends would be into doing this because they would think it is boring and stupid since it’s not something they find fun or interesting to do, but with my girl friends, they would be more interested in using it because they could probably find something that appeals them. pinterest-2151052_1920

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Social Media Etiquette

Anyone today can post anything on social media they want. They might think it is appropriate to them, but at times it is not appropriate to other viewers. I think there are definitely do’s and don’ts when it comes to posting on social media.

For me, I am always considerate about posting pictures when I go out with my friends because I know not everyone will want to see what I am doing. There are certain things I post on certain social media because I feel like there are certain people on that network that you want to see your posts and then there are the people you might not want to see you posts. For instance, I do not post a lot on Facebook because I have a Twitter and Instagram. If I find an article or have a nice picture of me and my friends then I will post it there, but I do not like sharing all my information on there. I like to post things on Twitter more than anything and Instagram is where I always post most of my pictures.

There are always going to be those people who post something every hour or everyday on social media and sometimes I think that’s okay, but there is always a limit. Is it really necessary to post something irrelevant that no one cares about? If you post things that people are going to be engaged in seeing then I think that’s fine, but not to the point where it is an overload.

Some people think posting curse words and drinking pictures on their social media is a good idea, but I am always careful about that because I know if you are trying to find a job anywhere, the chances of them looking you up on social media is highly likely. The older I got, the stuff I posted on social media became less and less because I just didn’t like posting something everyday, or I just don’t have anything I want to post. Also, I don’t post a lot of things because I know any one can get a hold of my accounts and I want them to think I am respectful on social media.

How Effective Social Media is to PR

When you look at a website, what is the first thing you look at? What is the first thing you are thinking about? Odds are, you are looking at the organizations or brands product. You do not think about how public relations ties into that website or how they are trying to affect your decision on that product. Everyday, PR is affecting your way of seeing and looking at different products.

Social media plays a huge role with PR. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are just some examples of the ways brands get their products to their customers. If you look at a big company like Gatorade, and see their commercials and ads with famous athletes drinking it; Gatorade’s PR is trying to make the commercial appealing and thirst-quenching to you, the customer. It is not just commercials, though. Gatorade posts to Twitter and Facebook to get their product out to their customers. With social media, organizations and brands connect even more with their fans and customers because with today’s day and age, there are a lot of people on social media.

Organizations and brands do everything they can to get their product out to their clients so that they are intrigued and interested in it. People like to follow their favorite brands and organizations on all social media, so this is why PR is so effective in showing their clients why they should buy their product.

You may not always think about how important public relations is to social media because it is “behind the scenes,” but it is used everyday whether we can see it or not.

Texting in a Movie Theater

Do you hate it when you can see a bright light in the movie theater? You’re enjoying the movie, and then all of a sudden you see the person in front of you whip out their phone with their bright light. Odds are, they probably received a text message.

I find it very annoying if someone is texting in a movie theater because I think it is rude for the people around that person who have to see it. Whenever someone takes their phone out of their jacket or pocket, you are immediately attracted to their bright light in the dark movie theater. It is inconsiderate because it distracts the people around you.

It has been a while since I have been to the movies, but the movie theaters are usually good about projecting a, “please refrain from using your cell phone,” sign on the screen. I don’t think that movie theaters should ‘ban’ texting because that seems a little outrageous, but I think projecting the sign before the movie is a good reminder to keep your phones on silent and away. It should be a “common courtesy” though, for people to not take out their phones during a movie and text.

If people think it is a good idea to have their phone out the whole time during a movie then they should just leave. I can see it being okay if a person took out their phone once during the movie to check it, but being on it the whole movie and taking it out once for a few seconds are two completely different scenarios. People go to the movie theaters because they want to enjoy a new movie they have never watched before. They do not want to watch the person in front of them texting their boyfriend or girlfriend whole movie.


NFL’s Social Media Policy

Have you heard of the new policy the NFL introduced about using social media? ESPN said, “teams no longer can shoot video inside the stadium during the game and post it on social media, nor can they use Facebook Live, Periscope or any other app to stream anything live within the stadium.” The “league wants to maintain control of what is disseminated.” They are aloud to share clips from games now, but they can’t share live plays from the game.

I didn’t like how the league made that a rule because I think the teams should be able to capture live footage of the game if they want to, but I can also see why the league wants to enforce it so there is not all different footage. I like how they changed it so the teams can shoot in the stadiums because that can be anything there, just not the plays. Viewers like to be engaged when the game is going on, especially on social media.

If a player were to use social media, say during halftime, would he be really focused on the game? I don’t think he would because why do you need to be on your phone during a game? The relationship with the player and his viewers on social media are probably strong even when he’s not playing. So, if he didn’t shoot during a game, I think he would still have a good relationship with his fans.

I follow the Philadelphia Eagles on Twitter, Instagram and even Snapchat. During games, their account is always posting something involving their warm ups and the score, but they don’t post any plays because if they were to do that they would be fined. I especially like their Snapchat account because it feels like I’m right there at the stadium watching the players warm up and get ready for the game. Snapchat is a great way for teams to show viewers whats going on right there on the field without getting in trouble, as long as it’s not footage from a play.

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